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Bar Games and Entertainment

Bar Games and Entertainment…Starring Your Bartenders! (15 Ideas) Ready to shake up profits and stir customer loyalty? The secret ingredient is…your own crew of bartenders. These 15 bar games and entertainment ideas put bartenders front and center – while they work their magic behind the...


How to earn more as a bartender

Have you ever wondered how some bartenders seem to earn more in the bar trade than others? Even if they work in the same bar or for the same company as other bartenders. I have noticed that there is a common thread as to why that is the case. It's not always down to favouritism by the boss, or...


What is flair bartending?

What is flair bartending? I'm very sure that the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a flair bartender is Tom Cruise in the film Cocktail. Am i right? He shows off some moves, spills some of the spirits, but DOES entertain the crowd. So... what is flair bartending? Flair...


The golden rules of learning flair

Flair is an exciting part of bartending. There's no doubt about it. but there are some golden rules of flair bartending that should be followed when learning the craft. This ensures you and everyone around you is as safe as possible. For the real beginner who is asking "what is flair...